Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5 weeks and counting...

Wow, I can't believe only 5 weeks until Ethan's due date. It's crazy how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. Somedays, I'm more than ready for him to be here (the days I look down and see cankles instead of ankles and days it is uncomfortable just to walk to the kitchen to get a bottle of water). Then, there are days that I'm not ready and want him to stay in my belly longer. Those "good" days are definitely more abundant than the "bad" ones. I have a feeling I'm really going to miss his kicks and movements - such an amazing feeling! We are definitely ready to meet him though and begin our life as three instead of two.
However, I don't feel that I am anywhere near ready to bring a baby home. Do all new moms feel this way? Poor Ronnie, I've been in panic mode the last couple of weeks and have demanded so much from him, but he's such an angel and usually follows my orders...haha. We have put his pack-n-play together and taken it back apart (just so I could rest easier that all the parts were in the box). We (I say we, Ronnie, actually) put his stroller together and we installed his car seat in the Explorer. How can such little people require such BIG things?!?!

It didn't look this big in the store!! Oh well, I feel blessed to have a vehicle big enough to allow room for the car seat. I can't wait until there's a baby in there!

Anyway, his room is so NOT ready! We do at least have him a bassinet, so he'll have somewhere to sleep when he gets here. Our reasoning for not having the nursery ready yet is we have 3 bedrooms: our bedroom, my office, and the guest bedroom/nursery. My office is full of desk and work-related stuff, and the room is small, so no extra room to put a crib in the office. The guest bedroom is even smaller, and currently has the guest bed up. We are going to have so many people coming and going and staying with us after Ethan gets here, so we feel like keeping the guest bed up for a little bit is the best option. Once everybody goes home, we'll get a crib and fix his room up. Besides, he'll be sleeping in our room for a little while anyway. However, the fact that his room is not ready for him has me majorly stressed out, although I'm fully aware of why his room isn't ready and I know it will be in a matter of a weekend when we get ready. I just have to have something to worry about and stress about, I guess, because that's just how I operate. =o)

So, as we reach the end of this amazing journey, these parents-to-be are excited, scared, stressed, terrified and anxious, but so ready to meet our beautiful little boy!!

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