Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My last 20-something, Kid-free birthday

So, I never actually thought this day would get here; you know, the day of your last 20-something birthday. It has just always seemed so far off, and then wham! It's all of a sudden here. However, I've decided I'm stopping with this one, and will remain 29 forever....I did have an awesome birthday weekend, though. Ronnie & I went to Oklahoma City for 4 days. I had to work a couple of those days, but we still had a great time. Friday night, October 3rd, we spent the night at the Skirvin Hilton downtown OKC. It was awesome; such a beautiful hotel!

The rest of the weekend, we just hung out. We shopped, spent time with my mom, watched movies - it was great and so relaxing! Kudos to my husband for making it a priority to make my 29th birthday so wonderful!! At the time of the trip, I was about 7 months pregnant with our little Ethan.

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