Monday, October 6, 2008

The Joys of Pregnancy

Joys, you say? Yes, joys. I have been so blessed in my first pregnancy. I have felt better than I probably have in a long time. I have not, knock on wood, had one episode of morning sickness, all of my lab work has come back normal and good, and up until about a month ago, the only sign that I am actually pregnant is the beautiful sound of Ethan's heartbeat at my doctor appointments. I am 31 weeks today, and I have only gained 5 pounds, which for me is amazing because I can do that just by looking at something! So, yay for me!!

This has been such an amazing experience that could never be accurately described or put into words and we can barely wait to meet our son! I finally (without a doubt) felt him moving and kicking about a month and a half ago. I think I probably felt him move before then, but wasn't sure that's what I was feeling. But, what an awesome feeling!! Ronnie happened to have his hand on my belly and was talking to Ethan when he decided to make his first detectable move, so that was pretty awesome for mom & dad! This is another experience that could never be put into words, and I find myself anxiously awaiting his next kick and squirm. I have a feeling I'm really going to miss these moments of mommy-baby bonding time when he decides to make his appearance in the world. Ethan is quite the active little fellow, but I love to feel him swirling around and exploring his surroundings. We have such great days together; we work, we listen to music, we read and I look forward to when I can actually hold him. He's definitely starting to really grow and make his presence known, as he is starting to make me a little uncomfortable, but nothing too terrible yet. I'm incredibly short, so I don't have much room for him, so therefore he's pressing on things, but this is definitely a time to be cherished, despite the soreness and achiness.

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