Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 rAnDoM tHiNgS aBoUt Me

I'm sure you've probably seen this floating around Facebook and/or MySpace, but I thought I'd share it with the blog world. When I was tagged on Facebook, I contemplated even doing it because I thought, how in the world can I come up with 25 random things about me? I'm not a very random person...well, was I ever wrong?!?! After I started, I had trouble stopping! I could have gone on way past 25...so, here you go!

1. I am completely OCD when it comes to the way my towels are folded. It drives me crazy if they are not done the way I want them.
2. I have to have decorative klennex in my purse. I can't stand to have plain white ones!
3. I secretly love living in Dumas...never thought I'd admit that!
4. I have always wanted to live in New York City.
5. I have 100+ pairs of shoes in my very small closet
6. Someday, I want to have a super fast, super loud sports car
7. I'm going to have another nephew in June!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. I have been blessed with the most beautiful baby boy!
9. I miss my family terribly
10. My bed has to be made a certain way; every pillow has its place
11. I absolutely crave margaritas. I can drink them like water.
12. I have completely different political views than some of my closest friends, but I love them anyway! =o)
13. It makes me sad everyday that my Dad is not here to share in Ethan's life with me.
14. I really want an iPhone
15. I am a night owl, always have been. And, I HATE mornings!
16. I swore I'd never own a Ford, now I own two, and I freakin' LOVE them!
17. I want to get my nose pierced again, but I realize I'm nearly 30 and am now a mom, and it's probably not appropriate anymore.
18. I love, love, love country music. The "hicker", the better!
19. I have a treadmill that I never use, but am fully aware that I should.
20. I would love to travel the world someday.
21. I trip over my own two feet.
22. I love the ocean, although I can't stand the sand and the heat
23. I think, no I'm convinced, that Texas IS the greatest place on Earth.
24. I miss my college days, but wouldn't change my life right now for any amount of money.
25. I love peaches and would gladly drive 9 hours to Fredericksburg to get some during the peach season.


thezalmans said...

Hey! I was so excited when I FINALLY figured out how to do the signature! It was HARD, until I figured out how to do it! I went to www.thecutestblogontheblock.com click on Blog Secrets; #2 How to signature...this gives you very specific instructions, and I used Adobe Photoshop to make my signature! I hope to see yours on here soon!! :) Let me know if it doesn't work! I would be more than happy to help!! ~Stephanie

~Trina~ said...

Loved knowing 25 things about you! =)