Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Constant Work in Progress

We have been working on the outside of our house, and it is really shaping up. We have pulled up some shrubs, planted flowers, bought a bench for the front porch, got a new roof, replaced the garage door, and are in the process of painting the trim and front door. The trim on the house was green and white (yuck!), and I've been wanting to paint it since we moved in but last year we were busy with the pregnancy and the loss of Daddy. We are painting the trim chocolate brown and khaki. The shrubs in the front of the house were ugly and just caught trash, so now pretty flowers are in their place. The roof was damaged by a hail storm last year, so we replaced it with a dark brown roof, and it looks awesome. The garage door was the original one from when the house was built, and it was literally crumbling at the bottom, so we replaced it with a khaki/beigh one that matches the underneath part of the trim. There was a really ugly, really big, plastic garden hose reel on the front of the house that we replaced with a wrought iron one. And, finally, the front door will be painted RED, but we haven't gotten to that yet. Pictures...

Front of house - Thanksgiving 2008, before any work was started:

Front of house after we pulled up shrubs, planted flowers, put the bench on the front porch, and replaced the garden hose holder:

House with brown and khaki trim (ignore the green garage door!):

Front of house with new, dark brown roof (again, ignore the green garage door):

And, finally, pictures of the front with the new garage door!:

Hopefully, we can finish up this weekend; I'm ready for my red front door! When we get that done, I think we'll be through with it for this year. We've done a lot of work, and the house looks so much better and we are so proud of it!

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Liesl said...

That looks so great!! Your work certainly has paid off...the curb appeal is amazing! Love it :) And I can't wait for pics of the red door...I just love red doors!