Friday, May 8, 2009

I Said I Wouldn't...

Twilight...I told myself I wouldn't get all wrapped up in the hoopla surrounding this book and movie, and the other 3 books in the series. Well, it happened. I did. I'm a big advocate of, if possible, reading the book before watching the movie. So, I bought the book, and I could barely put it down to even sleep until I was done with it. Then, what happened next??? I rented the movie and bought New Moon, book #2. And, now, I'm just as addicted as the next Twilight fan - I can't put these books down; it's crazy!! If you haven't read them, you should!!! Be one of those people!!! Haha!!!


Jenny Wilson said...

As you may know, I am also a HUGE fan of the Twilight series. I have read all four of the books, seen the movie, bought the movie, bought the soundtrack, and I have even read the exerpt from the unreleased 5th book "Midnight Sun" on the authors website. Sometimes I feel like a total loser! Oh well! I can't wait until Nov 20th when New Moon comes out! I will be there the day it opens in the theater!
Welcome to the obsessive world that is Twilight! You are not alone!

Liesl said...

Haha...Me too! I got sucked in! I'm halfway through book 1 and loving it :)

Happy Mother's Day, my friend!