Monday, March 16, 2009

Yay for Girl Time...Boo for Away Time from my Baby Boy

This weekend, I went to Lubbock to spend the weekend with my best friend, Mona. This was the first time I've been away from Ethan, at all, and I have to say it was quite hard to leave him! But, the girl time with Mona was wonderful and much needed. We shopped, ate good food, had some good drinks, and just hung out. I appreciate my wonderful husband for allowing me to get away for a couple of days and being willing to take over all parental duties concerning Ethan for the weekend. He's the best dad and I know he & Ethan had some great bonding time! Anyway, back to my weekend, I really miss Lubbock and it doesn't even look like the same town I left 7 years ago. And, time with Mona is always a blast - we have a friendship like no other and I love her dearly! Thanks, girl, for such a wonderful weekend!!!!
Ronnie & Ethan met me in Amarillo for dinner on my way back home, and I could barely wait to get me an armful of Mr. Ethan and kiss my hubby! Here are some pics documenting the great weekend!!

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