Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Bundle of Joy

This blog is mainly dedicated to our little bundle of joy, arriving in December 2008. We found out in mid-April that we are expecting and in July that it is a boy. It's all been extremely overwhelming as we weren't planning to start a family so soon into our marriage. However, as his arrival gets closer, the more excited we get! We may not have been ready for a child, but God was ready to give us such an amazing gift, and this little one is God's proof that life must go on. I say this because on May 30, 2008, I lost my first love, my Dad, to cancer. His passing was such a shock to my family, as it happened so swiftly (for which we are thankful he did not have to endure much suffering or horrifying treatments). It has been extremely hard without him in my life and even harder to think I am carrying his first grandchild, and he will not be here (physically) to share in this joy and be a part of my son's life. However, I realize, now more than ever, that this child is a gift to my family, someone else for us to love and to fill a void left by losing Daddy. I praise God for this gift everyday. I will write more and add more updates on the little one as I can.

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Jenny Wilson said...

Starling, you have such a way with words! Your blog is so beautiful! I will be a faithful reader on what the Cason Family is up to. Maybe one day the Wilson's will have one too ;)