Tuesday, November 3, 2009

As I begin my 30s...

I turned 30 on October 2. It was not an easy day, I have to say. For the longest time, 30 just seemed so far away, and then, wham! It slams you in the face. However, they say everything gets better with age, so I am going to remember this and apply it to my life. My 20s were pretty great, so if this is the case, my 30s are going to be amazing!! My wonderful husband, along with some help from my mom, my Memom, and some of my closest friends, pulled off a SURPRISE party for me in Snyder! I don't know how they did it without me finding out (I tend to be a bit nosey) is a miracle, but they managed. We had so much fun! So many wonderful friends and family members were there to help me celebrate the big 3-0! All in all, being 30 isn't all that bad and I look forward to what lies ahead in this decade of my life!

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