Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baseball Games and Spiked Hair

While Ethan and I were in Snyder last week, we went to watch Ethan's cousin Reese play baseball a couple of times. We finally had a nice enough day to sit in the bleachers and enjoy the game and the weather. Ethan's Aunt Stormy and friend, Sarah, enjoyed Ethan while he entertained the troops. He was so cute and so well behaved! He "talked" a lot during the game, which made me kind of nervous at first, but that quickly subsided as he has the sweetest voice. For whatever reason, Ethan went completely crazy over Stormy's cell phone. I've never seen him so excited - it was so funny! I think his end goal was to put it in his mouth, as is the goal with most things he can get his hands on these days. I have the same exact cell phone, and he never gets this excited over mine! We had a good time watching him talk, laugh and grab at her phone.

I decided to start spiking his hair on top, kind of in mohawk fashion, and it is so darn cute!!!!!!!! I just love it!!! However, I'm sure this kid would be cute with a mullet!?!?

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