Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things that bring me Joy....

I was just sitting here doing some work, and all of a sudden, things that bring me joy began to flood my thoughts. So, I thought I'd share with the blog world what keeps me smiling via pictures and short explanations. Here we go...

First and foremost, this face...

That in this house, we do serve the Lord. Also, that we live in a country where we are free to do so...

That we have a home to begin our story, and oh, the stories we've begun in this home

This picture and everything is represents, and all the memories it holds. Also, the act of repeating this picture! =o)
These pictures and the memories. I love the picture of my parents dancing, so much is said in their smiles. And, the one from my wedding, brings tears of joy and sadness as it was our last picture together as a family before the sudden loss of my dad. I love the fact we were able to be together on this special day and I have this memory frozen forever.

These precious shoes and the beautiful feet that occupy them!

This last name! I absolutely love being a Cason!

These colors and everything in my house that are these colors. They never get old to me.

My pink Dyson. I promised Ronnie that if he would buy me the pink one, he'd never have to vacuum with it, hence, the pink vacuum cleaner. I love the vacuum cleaner itself, but the fact that it's PINK just makes it that much better!!

Shopping for Ethan and filling his closet with the cutest clothes I can find!

For my house to smell good. I have a fear that people will walk in my house and think it stinks so I make sure I always have smell good stuff. My favorite scent is peach anything.

Clocks. We have a lot of them in this little house, but I still manage to run late?! I love the time passed on these clocks that is spent with family and friends.

A lot about this wall hanging. The colors, the zebra patterned bow it hangs by and the frilly dress. I love all things girly!

Movies! Especially chick flicks. And, I love to sit down and watch them with my honey and snuggle on the couch. =0D
Willow Tree figurines. But, these especially and all the stages of my life they represent. One in particular titled "Father & Daughter". It's the one in the middle. I gave it to my dad a few years ago, so when he passed away, I asked if I could have it. It represents so much as he was the first love of my life and as a little girl, he was my hero and could do no wrong. The other ones here represent our marriage, my pregnancy, our miracle, and Ronnie's role as "New Dad". It's amazing the emtions these figurines can conjour up.

My cell phone and all the wonderful conversations I have with friends and family on this phone. The glory of modern technology!

Our Wii and the time spent playing with Ronnie and the images I can see in my head of Ethan enjoying it in a few years!

Good smelling perfume and how it makes me feel beautiful and girly!

And, finally, but certainly not last and least, my husband and the fact I have someone to "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"

I am so blessed in my life and I have so many things I'm thankful for and that bring me joy!


Liesl said...

So precious! And I love that you documented each thing with photos. It's such a good thing to remember all the things God has given us and be thankful for them. This was a great post! :)

Lindsey said...

I love this and how great to realize ALL of the things that we have in our life to be thankful for! You are so blessed my sweet friend